NOTICE: Due to an illness, there will be no HOA meetings for Master or Countryside for March. The Village had already announced that they will not have their meeting as well. The next Meeting for all HOA's will be on April 6th, 2024.

Tuscan Ridge Community Residents,

Although, we don’t often experience hurricanes passing through our region, when they have, there has been considerable damage and power outages.   Most recent was hurricane Irma in 2017 when many of our homeowners were impacted by the storm.

We might not be in the area of first landfall, but the extreme winds and rain can cause damage.  Tornadoes are a safety concern.   Better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Keep monitoring official channels such as the National Hurricane Center or Polk County Emergency Management website/social media pages for the latest update.

The entire Master HOA Board is wishing everyone safety through this storm.   We will be canvassing the neighborhood throughout the storm and update our residents through our normal communication channels.

Preparing your Property

  • Patio furniture, potted plants, barbeque grills, and other items should be brought inside or otherwise anchored. Let loose, they could become projectiles during the storm and could damage your home or the homes of others.
  • You may consider boarding up your sliding glass door. Please note if you decide to do this, any damage to the building is your responsibility to fix, so be careful if this is something you choose to do. 
  • Those who have a lot of water accumulation may want to consider sandbags.

Gather supplies and prepare your emergency kit

For hurricanes, it’s recommended that you have a seven-day supply of food and water at the ready for everyone in your household.

Please remember to keep your phones and laptops fully charged at all times in case of a power failure.   Generators are not to be used inside.   Have your batteries and flashlights on hand.  Using flashlights are safer than using candles.   If you must use candles, always be awake and in the room with them. 

Insurance documentation and other personal documents

Creating a digital document inventory will help you during and after a tropical storm or hurricane. Using your cell phone’s built-in camera is an easy way to start the process. Don’t forget identification cards and other important documents that you might need following a storm.

Pet shelters

If you have a pet, don’t forget to incorporate them into your emergency plan. Not all shelters are pet friendly. You need to know ahead of time, where you will go. Prepare a Hurricane Pet Plan


Tuscan Ridge Community – Communication Committee

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