NOTICE: Due to an illness, there will be no HOA meetings for Master or Countryside for March. The Village had already announced that they will not have their meeting as well. The next Meeting for all HOA's will be on April 6th, 2024.


At the Countryside HOA monthly meeting, a motion was presented and approved to present a vote to the Countryside HOA residents an amendment to the current Bylaws to incorporate a Code of Conduct for sitting HOA Board members and identify the qualifications necessary to be a sitting Board Member.  They include:

Section 1. Number and Qualification.   

The Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors. Each director shall be at least 18 years of age and need not be a member of the Corporation during his/her directorship. The initial Board of Directors shall consist of the number of persons set forth in the Articles of Incorporation. The number of Directors may be increased or decreased by action of the members of the Board of Directors, provided that any action by the Board of Directors to effect such increase or decrease shall require the vote of a majority of the entire Board of Directors. All Members of the Board of Directors of this Homeowners Association shall be deemed qualified by either submitting certification that they understand and will abide by the HOA Association documents, and signature of Exhibit E, or produce a certificate of satisfactory completion of a Division Approved Educational Curriculum as required by section 720.3033(1(a), of Chapter 720, Florida Statutes and signature of Exhibit E, Code of Conduct to these By laws.   No decrease shall shorten the term of any director then in office.

Attached Exhibit E incorporated into these By Laws by reference (Click here)

[The remainder of Article IV shall remain unchanged.]

Deletions are reflected by a strikethrough; Additions are reflected by a Bold Underline.


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